Lights, Camera, Action! Famous Movies Set in Boston

Are you planning on taking ESL classes in Boston? Check out these movies set in this beautiful and historic city to get inspired (and practice your listening skills)! The Departed This star-studded drama shows the struggle between the mob and the police working to infiltrate their crime ring. Starring Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, and Mark Wahlberg. Point of interest: South Boston Fever Pitch Boston’s beloved Red Sox are part of the story line of this romantic comedy following a Sox-obsessed teacher trying to balance his love of baseball with his girlfriend. Starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. Point of interest: Fenway Park Good Will Hunting Brilliant janitor Will Hunting is encouraged to do more with his life and reach his full potential in work and in love in this Academy Award winning drama. Starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Robin Williams. Points of interest: Boston Common, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) The Social Network “Follow” the story of how Mark Zuckerberg’s ubiquitous Facebook came to be—lawsuits and all! Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake. Points of interest: Harvard, The Thirsty Scholar Also recommended: Field of Dreams, Mystic River, The Town, Ted

EC Boston student Juah Bae reports on the best homestay!

If you want to improve your English in Boston and feel scared to adapt to new circumstances, I recommend you live in a home stay. Your host family will be able to recommend nice places and activities, explain how to live in America, and help you feel comfortable.   Homestay can help students feel relieved and can also help their parents since students have a protector unlike students who live alone. When you get off a plane, maybe you feel nervous and embarrassed as everywhere is unfamiliar with you and you are alone in foreign country. However, I did not feel that. The first day when I came here, Angela, my host mother, explained to me about her house and Boston. Also, my roommates suggested me to go out together. They showed me how to use public transportation, and how to go to school and downtown. They became my friends, so if you feel uncomfortable making new friends, it can be also good choice to live in home stay. The most thankful thing I have been experiencing is that I chose homestay. Because of the choice, I met lots of roommates who are always my dear friends and I got used to living in America easier than others. Juah Bae Juah Bae stayed with one of our host families during her stay in Boston. EC Boston’s host family program is a bit different from many schools, our Host Family Coordinator Rebecca Engle personally develops relationships with every host family and has worked with many families for two or three years. She helps to match students to families they will love!

Meet Martine Mangion, the new EC Boston Center Director!

Here are some excerpts from an interview Martine did with EC Boston’s Senior Teacher Christi Lacerda: 1. What will your upcoming role at EC Boston entail? One of the most important aspects of my forthcoming role will be ensuring that all students are happy with their experience at all stages. This includes their courses as well as activities, homestay, residences, and customer service. To do this I will be leading focus groups, evaluating data, and making decisions to implement EC North America’s plan into our school, for our students. 2. How did you get started in this position at EC Boston? I came into this position after spending ten years in public health. I worked for the United Nations implementing programs to reduce infant and maternal mortality as well as HIV prevention. After moving to Toronto, I used my background in education and health to advise the government on social policies around complex chronic conditions. I started working for EC two years ago when the opportunity to lead EC Toronto became available. 3. What was the most interesting travel experience you’ve had? Hands down when I travelled to India. I travelled to Rajasthan to implement a UN program to reduce child marriage. I will never forget the colors, sights, and smells of the region nor the feeling of truly making a difference and changing the future of these young girls.

Kenan: Student Testimonial

It was awesome to meet all of you. I’ve heard about EC Boston before when I was in Turkey. Someone told me I should choose EC because they have given really perfect education. I’m an economist and have worked at a bank for five years. I need to improve my English as soon as possible. So I came to Boston and applied to EC. I’ve had really awesome education and improved my English a lot. Also, I met a lot of friends who are from different countries and cultures. It was really a pleasure to spend time with them and all of you guys. These days, I’m planning on getting a master degree. I’ll take the TOEFL exam in order to apply to university. I will absolutely recommend EC family to my friends. Thank you so much for everything.

From Switzerland to Boston: My Second Home

My name is Alexandra Winter, I’m 21 years old and I live Switzerland. Two years ago I got the opportunity to spend three months in the city of Boston and meanwhile take the Cambridge Exam course at EC. Although in my opinion choosing the right destination and school is a very important issue for every language stay, to find the right place where you are going to live while staying in a foreign country might just be as essential. EC Boston offers various options such as apartments, student residencies or home stays. For me it was never a question that I wanted to live with a family in order to experience the American lifestyle every day and I can honestly say that I could not have stayed at a better place than the Nappi family. From the first day on, their house was like my second home to me and they truly gave me the feeling to be a part of their family. Without a doubt, they made my stay as amazing as possible. I experienced daily family dinners, birthday parties, amazing trips to New Hampshire, sunny days on the boat or at the beach (which is just down the road from there beautiful house) and much, much more. These are just a few examples of countless wonderful memories I have of my time with them. So it probably will not surprise you if I say that I decided to come back to Boston again this year and visit my American family. Just like before they made my time in America unforgettable and I enjoyed every day. I must say that the Nappis are a wonderful and warm family and I want to thank them for everything they have done for me. Especially Kristina was always there for me and … Read more

Do you have any GREAT pictures of Boston?

Hey EC students! I hope you’re studying hard and keeping that attendance up! I thought I’d tell you a little bit about myself! One hobby of mine is taking pictures. I love to take pictures, especially around the city of Boston, and to find new places to get good shots. So, I thought I’d run a photography contest for all students at EC Boston. Share an original photo that you’ve taken of a site in Boston to our Facebook page or email it to me: The contest will run for a week starting NOW, and will end at the close of classes on next Friday. So get sharing! Take a little break, while you study ESL abroad at EC Boston, and take some pictures! I almost forgot what you get if you win the contest! Your picture will be featured on our Facebook page and on this blog with a little interview if you get the best shot! If its really good, I will personally get your picture printed out and framed and put up in the office. May the best photographer win!!! Here’s a picture that I took on the top of a parking garage of downtown Boston.

Good Luck to EC Boston’s Cambridge Exam Students!

It is the beginning of March, and the days are getting (slightly) longer, but this is also a sign that EC’s Spring 2013 Cambridge classes are winding down. Cambridge students will be sitting for the Speaking portion of their exams this week and then complete the rest of the exams this weekend. All of the Cambridge exam teachers, Academic Team, and Administrative Staff want to wish our Cambridge students the very best of luck with their exams! Your hard work and dedication is sure to serve you well as you sit for these rigorous exams.   Before heading to the written part of your exams this weekend, the Cambridge teachers wanted to remind our students of some helpful test day tips. Whether you’re taking the FCE, CAE, or CPE, these tips should be of some service: First, remember to get enough sleep the night before your exam–fatigue can and will affect how well you perform! Second, be aware of the time and use the strategies you’ve learned to deal with those difficult sections/questions. Lastly, you can go to if you feel like you need some extra last-minute practice. Good luck again Cambridge students. We are proud of you!

EC Boston Conversation Partners Program Review

EC Boston English Language School offers an exciting and valuable program to international students studying English with us in Boston.  It’s called the Conversation Partners Program.  Through this program, students who are at an Intermediate level and above can be matched with a Native-English speaking American volunteer.  Over the course of a 10-week program, the student and volunteer set up weekly meetings at cafes, restaurants, and other public areas in and around Boston in order to practice English conversation!  It’s a great way for students to meet “real Americans” and take their English practice outside of the classroom. This blog post was written by EC Boston student Dong Jin Lim, from Korea: “At the end of January, Laura and I met through EC Boston’s Conversation Partners Program.  I realized that EC had worked hard to find each other’s partners because Laura and I have the same interests and hobbies.  I really like reading comics and Laura also enjoys cartoons.  Whenever we meet, we usually drink a cup of coffee and chat for an hour.  We don’t know each other very much, so we talk about ourselves.  It is fun.  Actually, I had just known about Americans’ daily lives by watching American dramas before I met Laura.  Even though there are many friendly teachers in EC, I hardly met teachers in real life, outside of classes.  However, Laura is different from teachers.  She has a job that doesn’t relate with ESL students.  Therefore, I’m getting know a real American. Our last meeting’s topic was the Super Bowl.  As she is an American, she watched the game and explained her Super Bowl party’s atmosphere and how it was.  Afterwards, we conversed about sports.  The difference between sports in America and Korea is university games.  In Korea, when any sport’s university league starts, just a few people watch the … Read more

Free Speak English! Clinic

You are invited to attend an English as a Second Language Group Meetup!!! This group meets twice a month, every other Thursday. This month we will meet Thursday, October 11th@ 6:30 p.m. Andala Cafe in Cambridge ( Central Square T stop on the RED LINE) and Thursday, October 25th at 6:30 p.m. Starbucks in Boston (Copley Square T stop on the GREEN LINE). This is an opportunity to meet international students from a variety of local ESL schools and universities. This event is hosted by two professionally certified ESL Instructors. Please rsvp on the website in order to reserve your seat in advance. Hosted by: Lauren