Plagiarism across the World: How EC Boston English learners can avoid a sticky situation

Plagiarism is not a universal concept. In the United States and most of the Western world, plagiarism is defined as the unauthorized and or unacknowledged use of someone else’s intellectual work, which we find dishonest and academically weak. However, in other cultures the reuse of ideas or writing … Read more

EC Boston January Movie of the Month: The Intouchables

Many EC Boston Academic Year Program advisers will recommend watching movies to students who struggle with listening skills. Not only does listening teach you new vocabulary, but it also exposes you to native speakers using very emotional tones, who may be more difficult to understand. Have you ever … Read more

An EC Boston Student Shares his Experience

When students decide that they want to study English in the United States, they have many options to consider.  There are so many study abroad courses in the United States, and especially in Boston.  We’re honored to welcome many great students here at EC Boston and are proud that these studen … Read more

EC Boston holds it’s first orientation today for Conversation Partner Program!

EC Boston held its first orientation today for students and their partners that are taking part in our Conversation Partner Program running this summer from late May until August. The students and their partners were introduced during a brief meeting this afternoon by Program Coordinator, Stella, be … Read more

EC Boston Students to learn more Boston culture by attending a Red Sox game!

We all know that Boston is a great city to study in, let alone study english! With hundreds of universities based in the city, it is not hard to see why Boston is the destination of choice for so many international students wanting to learn more about American culture and practice their english skil … Read more