EC Boston January Movie of the Month: The Intouchables

Many EC Boston Academic Year Program advisers will recommend watching movies to students who struggle with listening skills. Not only does listening teach you new vocabulary, but it also exposes you to native speakers using very emotional tones, who may be more difficult to understand. Have you ever realized that watching movies can improve your reading too? Try watching films in other languages (not your native language!) to improve your reading skills using subtitles! I recently watched the spectacular movie The Intouchables, a touching portrayal of the connection between two very different people who pull each other out of depressing situations and build a shared life. In the film, an elderly disabled man required to use hired help to live everyday life hires an unlikely candidate as his personal health aid, a young troubled man who eventually becomes one of the largest sources of joy in his life. They adventure together, proving that life goes on after tragedy. Try finding the movie on Netflix!

International Movie Recommendations

Inspired by movies that help international students get to know American culture such as Forest Gump, Crash, and Wall Street, students from the Culture and Communication class decided to make their own lists — but to help YOU get to know their culture instead! Their foreign movie recommendations are below: To get a better understanding of Korean culture, In seok recommends: 1. A war against crime and violence 30 years ago, the  president of Korea announced “a war against crime and violence.” In the movie, a person, who is the main character, got power from his family members. Accidentally, he was involved in the gang which was lead by his distant relation. Whenever he gets in trouble, every time he can escape the dangerous situation. Also, it’s related to society problem and family trouble and reflect on the Korean culture. Furthermore, it represents to us that how high-ranking officials are corrupt. 2. The King He was the 15th king in Korea and it’s about four hundred years ago. At that time, many people tried to deprive him of his position. One day, he made a decision to find person who is imitating him.  Finally, he found the person who was a  performer and then the performer acts like king instead of the real king. The point of view in this movie is the sight of the citizen who became the king. So, he (performer) can realize all of the political corruption. According to this, he wants to make a desirable enviroment for people to live. Even if it was just few days, this movie provides many questions. Junkwon recommends: # Friendship Busan (2001)  by Kwak Kyung-taek If you want to understand about the entire Korea, you should know about not only Seoul, but also Busan which is the second biggest city in Korea and has many different cultures from Seoul. This … Read more