Meet Marc, our Swiss Ambassador!

Name:                        Marc Bircher Date of Birth:              13 October 1989 Hometown:                 Arosa, Switzerland Nationality:                 Swiss Education:                  2012: Bachelor of Law at the University of Zurich 2014: Master of Law (Business Law) at the University of Zurich Interests:                    Golf, sports in general (basketball, running, etc.), culture                                           (music, museums, etc.), and reading

Jenna’s Advanced English Class Writes about Boston

What does Boston mean to you? Boston is the first city that I visited in The U.S. I have been in Boston for more than a year. When I first think what Boston means to me many wonderful memories come across my mind. While being in Boston I have met many people from different countries and perspectives. Frankly, I became an open-minded person. Thoughts that I had never expected to think about; I became happy to discuss whatever subject is discussed. My essay is going to talk about: what the most whopping memories, which came across my mind when I read the title, are and how I see things differently. I came from a hot country; I had never seen snow before I arrived Boston. In fact, I was excited to see the snow; unfortunately, I arrived here at the end of March after the winter had finished which means I didn’t have the chance to see it. Finally, I was here when it first started snowing. I had a feeling that I had never had. It was a mixed of happiness and excitement that’s basically what it was. Another wonderful memory that came across my mind is my first night in Boston. I arrived in Boston at night after an 18-hour flight. A friend of mine welcomed me and took to my host family and he stayed with me until I became relax then he left. It is a good thing when you know someone in a country that you have never been in. Being in Boston has changed me a lot. People, that I have met, have changed me too. Indeed, I started seeing things from different sides and perspectives. Studying abroad made me rethink. I started to recognize how the world goes around me. For instance, before … Read more

Meet EC Boston’s Colombian Student Ambassador!

Here is bit of information about Juan in his own words: I was born in Colombia, South America in the second largest city of the country, Medellin. The morning of September 2nd of 1988. I have been interested in sports and fun outdoor activities like soccer, my favorite. When I went to school, I used to play soccer every day and won championships several times with my high school team. During my high school years, I discovered that was skilled at math and after that I decided to major in Administrative engineering this was a nice period of my life because I also used to go to my country house to learn about agriculture and cattle raising, which are interesting activities for me. After high school I had some nice experiences learning English abroad such as one summer camp in Kansas, one trip to learn English in a school near London and a couple of weeks in a community college in ST Louis, Missouri. During my time in university I changed a lot, I became more mature, I began to spend a long time studying for my professional preparation. Thanks to that I got my first business experience working for a company, Cadena S.A. I did an internship at this company and was employed in the production department for six months. I was promoted to the commercial department and it was an excellent opportunity to become a better professional and develop leadership skills. I worked for two years at this company until I finally decided to apply to Hult business school a university where I planned to do a masters degree in international Marketing. Last December I was pre-accepted to this university and for that reason I decided to move to Boston and study English because a requirement is getting a 6.5 on the … Read more

TOEFL Student Writes about 3D Printing

3D printing is a new revolution that can modify several aspects of the world, such as the economy, laws, medicine and environment. Furthermore, videos, lectures and interviews are already discussing this technology and its impacts on the society and consequently a new dynamic of consumer culture. According to a video about 3D printing, people have been discussing this technology because it can transform the culture of customization. “A customer goes from passive consumer to active creator”, declared in the video. Besides the economy, the marketplace can be totally affected. One point is a change in product sales. For example, people will be able to design their own products; a product will be brought to the market with no risk because stock will not be needed and the products will become unique, more valuable and expensive. However, some companies are scared of losing their clients and some people are afraid of losing their jobs. The video also states the impacts on case laws and medicine. As well as what happened to the model of the music industry, copyrights could be a problem for 3D industry because people will be making copies of products. And the real problem in the law would be the fact that there is no history about this technology. It would be an unprecedented case law that would be difficult for judges and lawyers to solve. Secondly, medicine would be affected principally by transplants. Scientists have been discussing the use of blood cells in 3D printing and it would provide transplants with no donors by printing real organisms. In addition, this tool could improve medical structures like models of babies instead of pictures. Listening to a lecture and a BBC interview, diverse ideas can be thought of too. According to the Forgac’s lecture, it would be possible use leather … Read more

Who are those new people at the front desk?

Hello EC Boston students! If you were wondering about the new mysterious people at the desk, allow me to uncover the mystery! I’m Angela and I’m a junior at Northeastern University studying biochemistry. I’m interning at EC Boston for the summer as the student services intern! I’m going to be running the student ambassador program and creating your activity calendar! I’m taking suggestions for any activities that you would like to do over the summer. Remember to check the activity binder for new, fun activities. I would love for students to join the ambassador program, also! The program is a great way for you to show your EC Boston spirit! You can share your student experiences with new students, show them around the school, and learn about why they chose to study ESL abroad at EC Boston. Best of all, you get free breakfast! Feel free to come find me at the front desk to chat, to give me an idea for an activity, or to learn more about the student ambassador program! The other mysterious face at the front desk is Daniel! He is the Conversation Partners coordinator intern for the summer! He is a senior at Emmanuel College studying International Relations. He is running the Conversation Partners program and would love if students joined! As an EC student, you are matched with an American student and meet with them once a week for an hour. This is a GREAT way to practice your English and make a new American friend! Feel free to come to the front desk to talk to Daniel about joining this program or to get to know him. Talk to you soon, friends!

Good Luck to EC Boston’s Cambridge Exam Students!

It is the beginning of March, and the days are getting (slightly) longer, but this is also a sign that EC’s Spring 2013 Cambridge classes are winding down. Cambridge students will be sitting for the Speaking portion of their exams this week and then complete the rest of the exams this weekend. All of the Cambridge exam teachers, Academic Team, and Administrative Staff want to wish our Cambridge students the very best of luck with their exams! Your hard work and dedication is sure to serve you well as you sit for these rigorous exams.   Before heading to the written part of your exams this weekend, the Cambridge teachers wanted to remind our students of some helpful test day tips. Whether you’re taking the FCE, CAE, or CPE, these tips should be of some service: First, remember to get enough sleep the night before your exam–fatigue can and will affect how well you perform! Second, be aware of the time and use the strategies you’ve learned to deal with those difficult sections/questions. Lastly, you can go to if you feel like you need some extra last-minute practice. Good luck again Cambridge students. We are proud of you!