Meet Claire from South Korea – an EC Boston Student Ambassador!

Hyein Son, or Claire as we know her here at EC, came to Boston in May of this year. She has been studying in our Academic Year Semi-Intensive Program. Since becoming a Student Ambassador, Claire has led many activities including tours of MIT, kayaking on the Charles River, brewery tours, bowling nights and more. She is known by her teachers and classmates as being a hard worker and by the staff as always being pleasant and willing to help around the school. If you have any questions about activities, EC or Boston in general, Claire is here to help! Here is what she would like to share about her time in Boston so far. I’m Hyein from Korea. My English name is Claire 🙂  I’ve been here for 3 months and I’ll staff for 3 months more. I’m really happy and glad to be here. I think Boston is the best place to study English and make good friends. We can experience various activities and have great times. I want to make wonderful memories with new students! If you are interested in being a Student Ambassador, see Nikita at the front desk or send her an email at We’d love to have you! Find out more about EC’s English Courses in Boston

My EC Boston Experience – By Ray C. of Taiwan

Lap Quoc Luong of Taiwan (you may know him as Ray C) recently graduated from EC and will fly back to Taiwan today. Ray was a student here since March of last year and has gone from our Elementary level to Upper Intermediate. He served as a Student Ambassador and was well-known around the school for always planning fun dinners and outings for students, teachers and staff to take part in. He was also known for being a foodie and introducing everyone to good restaurants and unique dishes! We will truly miss his humor, energy and kindness around the school. Here is what Ray wanted to share about his experience at EC Boston, complete with a funny short story about an early experience trying to order a coffee in English at the local Starbucks. Enjoy!   I remember the first time I came to Boston. I couldn’t speak any English. I only knew the most basic words and expressions. I really appreciate the teachers at EC Boston for helping me. I’ve improved my English a lot. Coming here meant not just merely learning English. I have also made many friends who come from different countries. I’ve learned lots of interesting aspects of their cultures. I’m really delighted to have met them and I have had so much fun at EC Boston. I want to share about one of the funniest experiences I had in Boston with you. A few months ago, one day I woke up early because I had a morning class. That day, I was very tired so I needed a coffee. I went to Quincy Market to buy a coffee. This is what happened: Clerk: What is your name? Me: My name is Ray. Clerk: Sorry, what is your name? Me: My name is Ray. I also spelled out my name … Read more

Olivia Du Pasquier of Switzerland Talks About Her #ECExperience

  Olivia Du Pasquier came to EC Boston the first week of January this year. She studied in our Intensive English program as well as the Intensive TOEFL Preparation program. Olivia is known by the students, teachers and staff for her outgoing personality and sense of humor. As a Student Ambassador, Olivia helped kicked off the summer season by taking students kayaking on the Charles River and helped welcome the new students every Monday. Her last day was on Friday and she is already missed in the halls of EC Boston! Here is what Olivia had to say about her EC experience before she left: I’m Olivia Du Pasquier and I’m from Switzerland. I have been in Boston for almost 6 months and, unfortunately, I’m leaving soon. I’m living in the EC apartment in the North End – it’s pretty lovely and comfy and the neighborhood is just perfect. Moreover, I really like the people I’m sharing the apartment with. At EC, I improved my English and I met a lot of wonderful people at the same time. Students, teachers from all around the world, and also people from the staff who are really friendly and helpful. I’m so glad to be here and I hope the new students will have an experience at EC Boston as awesome as mine. Thank you, Olivia, for all of your hard work for the past 6 months. We wish you all the best!

Murillo Moreira of Brazil Shares His EC Experience

Murillo Moreira of Brazil graduates today from our short-term General English program. Here is what he had to share about his #ecexperience. Going to Boston was an amazing experience. I chose here because it was the beginning of American history. Choosing EC was the best choice, here I made friends from all over the world that I will never forget. Thank you, Boston, and EC for this unforgettable moment. Learn more about basic English.

“The teachers have made teaching more interesting…” Manal Khalid S Alshaiea (Saudi Arabia, 33)

“EC Boston Language Institute has a great environment for studying, especially because of some of the amazing teachers l have known. They have made teaching more interesting and challenging for us. As an ambassador student, it is very important to support the students and also help the school to become the best forever.”

“I decided to become a Student Ambassador…” Eunmi Park (Korean, 21)

“I have been learning here the other cultures and the other languages, so I have many experiences. When I came here my level was Elementary, now my level is Low-Intermediate. How to improve my English I’m always talking with my foreign friends, even Korean friends I also use English. I’d like to speak with foreign people that is why I decided to become a Student Ambassador.”   Study for the TOEFL test in Boston too!  

“It has been a great experience…” Abdulaziz Almaghrabi (Saudi Arabia, 17)

“I came to Boston to learn English and mostly improve my English level. It has been a great experience till now and I have such a great time in school and out of school. EC is a great place to study English in and I hope everybody gets all the fun that people are looking for from this school.”   Make English courses in Boston a part of your learning experience.

“I have more confidence to speak in English…” Lunyu Yeh (Taiwan, 26)

“I’m an AY student in EC Boston. I have been studying here for two months. I felt that my English ability is getting better since I started to learning English in EC. Before I came here, I set a goal that I wanted to improve my listening and speaking skills. Indeed, I have had a greater improvement in these two skills by EC’s diverse courses. Now I have more confidence to speak in English. Of course, I still have to keep working hard and do my best. I believe that studying in EC would be a wonderful and unforgettable experience in my life.”   Study at EC Boston Language Institute.

“The lessons were animated…” Estelle Kruegel (18, Swiss)

“I’ve only spent a month and a half in Boston, but I have a thousand and even more memories. First of all, I’ve not only traveled to the USA but also around the world while being here because there are people from so many different countries, therefore we discover new cultures. I’ve loved the school, the lessons were animated and I got a lot of new vocabulary! I’ve stayed in residence, which I recommend. You have no time to get bored because you’re always invited to activities such as for playing basketball, going to the restaurant, to a hockey game….Great experience! Great meetings!”   Learn English at EC Boston Language Institute.

Conversation Partners Program improves English Speaking Skills

When and where did you find out about the Conversation Partners Program at EC Boston? I knew this program by a bulletin board of my school. What was your motivation in joining the program? I wanted to talk with native american because I’m not good at listening to fast English. Besides I thought it will be great if I can get native american friend. What have you done with your partner? We had dinner together sometimes and watched movie so far. It was very great because she explained us american culture and introduced her friends. It helps me that we can understand each other by both languages. Do you think the program is helpful? I think it was great that I was able to get a native american friend and what is better, she can speak Japanese. Would you like to say anything to future students or participants in the program? I enjoy my school life with my friends and my great teachers. The location of EC Boston is very good and convenient. Our long-term students in the Intensive English program in Boston enjoy participating in this program. We have three start dates – one in the fall, winter, and summer semesters. Only long-term students are eligible to apply. We pair one or two students with a local Bostonian in hopes that both participants will practice English and the student’s native language. It’s a great way to meet people, practice English, enjoy the city – and it’s completely FREE!