Meet Marc, our Swiss Ambassador!

Name:                        Marc Bircher Date of Birth:              13 October 1989 Hometown:                 Arosa, Switzerland Nationality:                 Swiss Education:                  2012: Bachelor of Law at the University of Zurich 2014: Master of Law (Business Law) at the University of … Read more

Meet Tabea, our Swiss Student Ambassador.

Hi! My name is Tabea and I am 23 years old. I am from Switzerland and I grew up in a small town near Zürich. When I return to Switzerland, I am going to start my Master`s program in Psychology and Biology. In my free time I really like travelling and I love all kind of animals except spiders. I am i … Read more

EC Boston Student Enjoys Six Flags

If you are an adventure seeker, you might not want to miss Six Flags, New England. The famous amusement park is located in Agawam, MA and is the largest theme park in Massachusetts. The focus is on roller coasters and on thrill rides, but they also offer interesting shows and meetings with your favo … Read more

A Story by one of our English Students

“If you give a camel a bikini, she will ask to go to the beach! When she is tanning, she will want some tanning-oil. When she gets to the beach, she will go for a swim. When she is finish, she will be hungry and want to have some whale meat. When you give her whale meat, she will probably want … Read more

Jenna’s Advanced English Class Writes about Boston

What does Boston mean to you? Boston is the first city that I visited in The U.S. I have been in Boston for more than a year. When I first think what Boston means to me many wonderful memories come across my mind. While being in Boston I have met many people from different countries and perspectives … Read more

Meet EC Boston’s Colombian Student Ambassador!

Here is bit of information about Juan in his own words: I was born in Colombia, South America in the second largest city of the country, Medellin. The morning of September 2nd of 1988. I have been interested in sports and fun outdoor activities like soccer, my favorite. When I went to school, I used … Read more