Students volunteer at homeless shelter

This week students from the EC Boston volunteer club went to help the Pine Street Inn homeless shelter. Pine Street Inn is a very large organization that offers aid for emergency services, permanent housing, and workforce development. The students served dinner to many people and spoke with them and volunteers at the facility. Everyone was very kind and appreciated our help. The volunteer club is eager to go back in the next weeks and help out more! If you would like to join the volunteer club, we meet every Wednesday at 2:30pm.  

Volunteer Club Meeting

Every Wednesday at 2:30pm we meet for a volunteer club meeting. Today we discussed what activities and organizations we will attend and support for April. Here are some of the exciting events: Starting this week there will be a box at the front desk to collect food for the organization “The Greater Boston Food Bank”. We kindly ask all students, teachers, and staff to bring an item of food to donate. We are looking to collect healthy and most-needed foods, including non-perishable items like tuna fish, beans, peanut butter, soups, spaghetti sauce, crackers, rice, pasta and cereal. The volunteer club will then bring all donations to the organization in Boston! On April 10, we will volunteer with Pine Street Inn, one of the largest homeless shelters in Boston.We will prepare and serve food! On Thursday April 18, we will volunteer at Hale House, an elderly home in Boston.This has been an ongoing project for the past years and we are very excited to have conversations with locals.   If you are interested in joining the volunteer club or would like to sign up for activities, please contact Christina at the EC Boston English School front desk.