What Do You Think? (Part2)

We asked Sunny, 18, from Korea to tell us about his exeperiences as a long term student at EC Brighton.

How long have you been at EC Brighton and how long will you stay here?

(Sunny): I’ve been staying in EC Brighton for 8 months and there are 2 more months to go.

Which level did you start at and which level are you now?

When I first arrived, I started from Upper Intermediate Level, now I’m in Advanced Level preparing for CAE exam in December.

How do you like the teachers?

They are brilliant! They are very sympathetic to the needs of the students and give extra work if students want it. They really contribute to my level of English.

Which activities do you take part in and which one do you enjoy the most?

I’ve been participating in football matches, which take part every Thursday, and the pub night event where all students can gather and share their interests.

What are your thoughts of Brighton?

It’s great! Surrounded by the lovely sea side, it boasts a breathtaking and exotic atmosphere which anyone would dream of. People are nice and not many accidents occur here. It’s a very safe and lovely place to live.

What do you think of our school?

Excellent! There’s only a limited choice of words to describe our school. I chose here because of the ridiculously cheap tuition fee. At first I had a strong bias about the school facilities and systems, but it turned out that everything was fabulous.

You are living in one of our residences, what do you think about it?

Living with a host family was another contributing factor which helped me to have fabulous stay in England. They were so kind and encouraging that whenever I had difficulties in learning English they gave me some pieces of advice and cheered me up. I really appreciate that I could live with them, it was a privilege.



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