Last week for Vera & Emilia at a language school in Brighton


This is our last blog post here on the EC Brighton blog! We have had a wonderful time here but unfortunately our 7 week here is about to come to an end.  This has been such a great experience and we are so happy that we took this chance to do our internship here in Brighton.

It is amazing how much you learn about different cultures and countries at EC. We can’t imagine many other places that can offer this kind of culture mix! Our English and communication ability in general has improved a lot from having our internship at EC.

We would definitely recommend EC, a language school in Brighton, both for studies and internships. It is just such a friendly atmosphere on the school and we have met so many great people, both students and staff here, so we really want to say thank you for letting us get to know all of you! Experiences that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

What we really have loved about Brighton is the size of the city. It is small enough to get to really get to know it and we have been able to walk everywhere, at the same time it really have a lot to offer so it never gets old! That it is so close to London is also a great bonus! Brighton really is a beautiful city with the beach and seafront. We love to go down to the beach for a walk or just to catch some spring sun. We have enjoyed trying all the shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs! What is so amazing with Brighton is that there is something for everyone, it is a city with a big mix of people!

But now it is time for us to go back to Sweden and continue our business school and in May we will graduate. Hopefully we will be able to come back to very Brighton soon.

Here are some pictures of our highlights here in Brighton:


Vera Bowling Devils Dyke Emilia & Vera at the pub Emilia & Vera Football Emilia & Vera St Valentines dayShopping in London