Let’s go BOWLING!


Image bowlStudents at the Bowlplex Brighton Marina

As you may know, EC Brighton organise a bowling night lead by Ivan where students can come along and have fun while learning some new terms and expressions commonly used in bowling. Take a look at some of them!

Pins: The white things you have to hit down when you throw the ball. They are located at the end of the lane.

Ball: You release the ball in order to knock down as many pins as possible.

Strike:  Can you knock down all the pins in one go? You will get a great score!

Spare: You bowl the first ball without knocking all the pins down so when you throw the second ball you hit the remaining ones!

Gutterball: You get a bit disappointed when the ball goes in the gutter as you won’t hit any pins down and consequently no points will be added on your score.

EC, your English language school in Brighton, offers a good discount for those students who want to go bowling: £3.50 instead of £6! So don’t miss out and sign up at reception!

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