Meet our teachers: Angela Chan

Angela Chan

My name is Angela and, yes, I am a teacher! People often think I’m a student and, occasionally, I’m even asked what level class I’m in! I don’t mind. I find it quite amusing and, sometimes, I play along and tell them I started in Beginner and just happen to be a very fast learner…

I qualified in 2008 and started teaching at EC Brighton at our junior summer centre while still a university student. I came back every summer until I graduated and started working at the adult centre. Now, when summer comes along, the fabulous Tim Cooke and I disappear for ten weeks to manage the junior school. This is what I call ‘stressful fun’ 🙂

I love my job. I’m someone who gets bored easily and working in a language school means I’m lucky enough to meet a huge variety of people from all over the world – different nationalities, backgrounds, ages, shy, funny, rude, crazy… On top of that, the EC staff are a wonderfully eclectic bunch! I like that my days are unpredictable and I love going to class to teach and then find that my class is teaching me new things too… usually about food, to be honest! When people cook for me, life is good. Other things that make me happy are languages (I speak, more or less, four!), hula hooping,, idioms and pronunciation, singing (alone), driving, stand-up comedy, online-shopping, music festivals and fancy-dress parties.