Ruben goes to Cambridge & Greenwich!



Last Saturday I was lucky because I could travel to Cambridge and Greenwich. I had to wake up early, but I was very excited because they are a very famous places and I will go to see them. It seemed that would be a good day due to the nice weather.

Firstly, we went to Greenwich where we saw different interesting places: The Royal Observatory, Greenwich Palace, the Maritime Museum and Greenwich Market. In addition, we enjoyed some great views of London from this place, where we could take some very nice pictures of the city.

At midday, we travelled to Cambridge, the world’s most famous university. It has a very important and interesting history. It has a very good reputation all over the world and not everybody can study there, because it chooses one by one all its students. I was surprised about the nice architecture of all of its buildings, which were very beautiful. The campus is separated into different colleges, and each one has its own architectural style.

I really enjoyed doing a punting trip over the river in Cambridge. This trip consisted of a small boat and tour guide. It is a very relaxing experience that helps you to see different places and the history of the university.

In conclusion, it was an unforgettable experience that I would like to recommend if you are interested in seeing more of England. You don’t need to study in Cambridge to explore this lovely place. You can enjoy a great day visiting these places.