Meet our teachers: Alexis Somerville


I’m Alexis and I’ve been teaching at EC Brighton for seven months. I qualified as a teacher in 2007 and have taught in Taiwan, China and Sicily. I love travelling and really enjoyed living abroad and learning about other cultures. I also like learning languages, particularly food vocabulary (it’s very useful!)

I enjoy meeting students from all round the world at EC Brighton. I like to try and keep my lessons varied, and sometimes do project work with my classes. At the moment my Upper Intermediate class is making a magazine. I’m really impressed with their work!

In my spare time I enjoy drawing, painting, reading, going to gigs and spending time with friends. I also do a bit of freelance writing for music, art and literature magazines and websites. It seems most things I enjoy doing are related to English in some way, so it’s the best subject for me to teach!

If you study ESL abroad at EC Brighton, you will meet people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds in a very friendly school.