The Forbidden Fourth Floor: What are your teachers’ favourite words in English?


The Fourth Floor (also known as the ‘Teachers’ Room’!) is a mysterious and forbidden place to students at EC Brighton… but, every so often, the EC Brighton Blog will venture inside and give you a taste of what really happens up there…

Today, we spoke to the teachers and asked them what their favourite words and expressions are in English!

Alex: ‘solipsistic‘ (adjective).

Alexis: ‘collywobbles‘ (noun) and ‘infrastructure‘ (noun).


Alison:chrysanthemum‘ (noun).

Andy: ‘blithering idiot‘ (adjective + noun) and ‘manifestation‘ (noun).

Angela: ‘codswallop‘ (noun) and ‘waffle‘ (verb and noun).

Anne: ‘cream-crackered’ (adjective from Cockney rhyming slang).

Barnaby: ‘armageddon‘ (noun) and ‘dreich‘ (adjective… and actually Scottish!)

Brad: ‘cartouche‘ (noun) and ‘proletariat‘ (noun).

Caroline: ‘platinum‘ (noun and adjective) and ‘serpent‘ (noun).

Chris: ‘gardening‘ (noun).

Debra: ‘wobble‘ (verb and noun).

Ed: ‘priggish‘ (adjective), ‘clutch‘ (verb, noun and adjective) and ‘dizzying‘ (adjective).


Helen: ‘It depends‘ (common expression).

Jacqueline: ‘fed up‘ (idiom).

Jo: ‘nincompoop‘ (noun), dollop (noun and verb) and ‘render‘ (noun and verb).

Jonathan: ‘beach‘ (noun).

Jordan: ‘deteriorate‘ (verb) and ‘particularly‘ (adverb).

Julia: ‘creative‘ (adjective) and ‘magnanimous‘ (adjective).

Patricia: ‘okey dokey‘ (adjective, adverb and interjection) and ‘hell’s bells’ (interjection).

Paulina: ‘fabulous‘ (adjective).

Robin Smith: ‘metamorphosis‘ (noun).


Robin Sneath: ‘splendiferous‘ (adjective).

Sally: ‘awesome‘ (adjective).

Sam: ‘tinker‘ (noun and verb) and ‘chutney‘ (noun).

Stuart: ‘gorgeous‘ (adjective).

Sue: ‘yes‘ (adverb, noun, verb and interjection).

Tim: ‘anthropomorphise‘ (verb), ‘splendid‘ (adjective) and ‘smashing‘ (adjective here but also noun and verb). ‘.