Our intern Ruben goes to Edinburgh!

After visiting the most important places in England, I thought that it was time to get to know another country. I was always attracted by Edinburgh; a beautiful city in the south of Scotland, so I decided to travel there before going back to my country. When I booked my trip, I was very excited, but I knew that it was going to be a long way to Scotland as I needed to cross the whole of England.

I was on a tight schedule. There were a lot places to visit in a short period of time but I enjoyed it a lot. I left Brighton on Friday evening and I arrived in Edinburgh on Saturday morning, where I spent the whole day visiting the most famous places in the city. I stayed in a youth hostel in the city centre of Edinburgh, where I met some people taking the same trip.

Views from Carlton Hill
Views from Carlton Hill

On Sunday, I went to a famous area of Scotland called “The Highlands”. I had the chance to visit different famous castles, monuments and lochs there. I also enjoyed the beautiful nature there and saw the traditional Highland cows, a unique kind of cow. During the afternoon, I went to some different pubs, where I tasted the traditional Buffalo Burger of Edinburgh and bought some whisky to take home.

Finally, on Monday I travelled to York before coming back to Brighton. It is a lovely town with the influence of a lot of different cultures throughout history, which is represented in the buildings there.

To sum up, it was an amazing cultural and historical trip where I could get to know the most beautiful places in Scotland and its culture. I highly recommend this trip because it’s unforgettable!