Careers Advice from Germaine, EduGold

Not only does EC provide quality English courses for adults in Brighton, there are plenty of other activities and free support on offer. One of these is careers advice from a professional careers advisor. Whether you’re starting out on your career path, looking for paid or voluntary work or you’re considering changing career, it’s a good idea to speak to someone with a wealth of knowledge in careers.

Germaine Broadbent, from EduGold, provides free careers advice at the school to EC students every first and third Wednesday of the month.

Here, she tells us about one of our students, Alexander.

‘When Alexander came to see me, I was impressed. He had one of the best CVs I have ever seen written by an international student. What a focused life he has led so far! I simply dotted the ‘i’s and crossed the ‘t’s. Simple.

Now for the challenging part – getting a job.

Alex’s passion is aviation.

He is currently studying engineering at an aviation college in France. A requirement of his course is that he must work in a paid job in an English-speaking environment for a short period.

I helped Alex source websites and opportunities that could lead to paid work. Airports, engineering and auxiliary industries in aviation were all areas we looked at. I sent Alex links to the sites we sourced, gave him guidance on how to search online and, finally, after Alex returned to his English class, I wrote several emails to potential employers for him. Alex was included in all emails so that he would have a template letter of introduction to send to new potential employers he would source independently.

Alex, please let me and EC know if you have managed to get a job yet. I am next in school on Wednesday 3 July at 12pm. It would be great to see you and hear how your search is going.

Keep flying!’

Germaine Broadbent