Caterina Ravano and her first week in Brighton!


I came in Brighton some days ago and the first impression was good, also the second impression was good, and the third impression was even better!

I can say that Brighton is a wonderful city, because it is not chaotic like a metropolis, but anyway there are a lot of young people, many pubs, clubs and shops and for me it’s really exciting because I’m from Lugano (Switzerland) where there are a lot of old people, not many pubs, clubs and shops.

The most relaxing thing in Brighton is the sea. I thing I can stay on the beach all day to watch the sea, walk along the seafront, and the best part is the school near the sea.

EC Brighton is very well organized, and there are good, funny and helpful teachers. I think they do their best to make you feel you comfortable. I have met funny and friendly guys at the school, not yet at the residence, but is okay because is pretty quiet.

I think I’m falling in love Brighton!