What do you know about the Royal Pavilion?

The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink at night


Built in Indo-saracenic style, the Royal Pavilion is probably the most famous landmark in Brighton. It is a former royal residence – it was the summer residence of The Prince of Wales, who later became King George IV. It is located in the city centre of Brighton and only a stone’s trow away from EC Brighton!

A few facts that most people don’t know about the Royal Pavilion:

  • Very remarkable architects like Jonh Nash and Henry Holland took part in the construction of the Royal Pavilion, at different stages.
  • It was transformed into a military hospital during the First World War.
  • Around 400,000 people visit the Royal Pavilion annually.
  • You can go ice skating to the Royal Pavilion ice rink every winter!

For more info visit:  http://www.brighton-hove-rpml.org.uk/royalpavilion/pages/home.aspx