Do you want to get a job in the UK?


Working in the UK

As the Careers Adviser for EC Brighton, ‘How can I get a job?’ must be one of the most frequently heard questions I get. The answer to this question is different depending on what type of job the student wants, their previous experience & the content of their CV.

This week Larissa, a qualified Social Worker in Switzerland, approached me to ask about jobs in Health & Social Care in the UK.

Usually staff for these jobs are recruited via job agencies. I have arranged for Larissa to meet with Steph at a recruitment agency called Hanover Care in Hove, next to Brighton.

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These are the typical requirements for recruitment agencies for positions in Health & Social Care :

  • A minimum of 6 months experience in the health & social care industry already
  • Passport / ID card (EU / working visas only)
  • 2 proofs of UK address
  • a Reference (this can be the email address of a previous employer in your country)
  • a National Insurance number (you can apply for this after signing with the agency)
  • a Police check – this is a legal requirement & will cost YOU £45 (unfortunately!)

When you visit a recruitment agency with this information, expect to spend about 1 hour filling in their application form & then, fingers crossed, they will find you a job to interview for!

What type of job could you do in the UK? If you have any questions about University, working in the UK or you need a CV in English, come and have a chat with me!