The Forbidden Fourth Floor: Common student mistakes that your teachers hear every day!

So, we venture, again, up to The Forbidden Fourth Floor and ask the teachers what typical mistakes their students make! Have you ever made any of these mistakes? It’s OK to make mistakes but it’s never too late to correct them! 🙂

“Teacher, teacher! What means _________?” Should be: ‘What does __________ mean?’

“I lost the bus.” Should be: ‘I’m late because I missed the bus. I’m very sorry!’ 🙂

“My other countries’ friends…” Should be: ‘My friends from other countries…’

“I usually go to home at 3pm.” Should be: ‘I usually go home at 3pm.’

“When I come back my country…” Should be: ‘When I go back to my country…’ (Be careful with ‘come’ and ‘go’!)

“You don’t can smoke inside.” Should be: ‘You can’t smoke inside.’

“I don’t know where is Coco Loco.” Should be: ‘I don’t know where Coco Loco is.’ (If you do know where Coco Loco is, make sure you still get to school the next day..!)

“Probably I will go to London this weekend.” Should be: ‘I will probably go to London this weekend.’

“The people in my city is very friendly.” Should be: ‘The people in my city are very friendly.’

“The last week, I went to Barcelona.” Should be: ‘Last week, I went to Barcelona.’

“I listen music every day.” Should be: ‘I listen to music every day.’

“She don’t like potatoes.” Should be: ‘She doesn’t like potatoes.’

“I call to my mother twice a week.” Should be: ‘I call my mother twice a week.’

Pronunciation of ‘women’ vs. ‘woman’. One is plural and the other is singular. They have very different pronunciation!

We hope you have learnt something! We will be adding more Forbidden Fourth Floor episodes soon!


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