Student testimonial: Swea and Abigail from Switzerland!

Abigail & Swea


Although we live in the same country, we have met each other here, in Brighton!

We have found people from different countries and different cultures but everybody under the same conditions. People arrive here alone, sometimes without knowing or speaking the language but all the EC Staff make you feel at home. Swea studied a Cambridge course (FCE) and Abigail studied IELTS.

People here make friends and a second family because if you need something there is always someone to help you. You have another family in Brighton!

Swea used to live with a fantastic host-family which was always very kind with her, helped her improve her English and supported her when she was sick. Abigail lived in a residence with other students, she has had a very good moments with her housemates from all round the world. We would recommend both experiences, host family and residence.

The teachers and the staff in the school are friendly and very competent and you can also have fun with them outside the school. The school offers a lot of activities like yoga, laser tag and bowling; not to forget EC parties!

Both of us have had a fantastic experience which we will never forget!