Meet our new Academic Intern: Anna-Lena!

Academic Intern at Junior Classic Homestay
Anna-Lena: Academic Intern at Junior Classic Homestay


Hello everyone! My name is Anna-Lena and I’m the new academic intern. I’m from Germany and I live in a city between Cologne and Bonn.

I was surprised when I came here because I didn’t know how Brighton could be like. The beach is beautiful and you have many options to go shopping. I’ve never thought before that the weather can be so good in England. The sun is shining every day since I am here. It’s amazing!

I will be here at EC Brighton for one month and I am very happy to be here. I am working with Angela and Simon at the Junior School in Brighton College. Everyone is very nice and helpful and the atmosphere is perfect. At the beginning I was a bit scared that I can’t understand the other people but it gets better and better every day.