Meet Norina, our accommodation intern at our English school in Brighton!


Hey there, my name is Norina and I’m the new accommodation intern at EC Brighton.

I live in Germany, in a small town called Bonn. A famous city, not only was it the capital of Germany but also because of the fact that a famous musician was born and raised there: Beethoven!!

Back in Germany I study Travel and Tourism Management and within these studies it is mandatory to do an internship abroad. I’ve traveled around the world but I had never seen much of England! This had to change! So why not going to a city where I can have the beach and lots and lots of young people around me?! I’ll be staying here until the end of August and I am trying my best so every one of you feels comfortable and safe in their accommodation. So if you have any questions, I’m happy to help!

Enjoy every second of your trip, make as many friends as possible and have the time of your life!!