Carolin Hahnel studied an intensive English course in Brighton!


Carolin & Susanna

Hi everyone,

I chose Brighton because I like the English south coast. 🙂 I feel like I have learned a lot especially to be more confident when speaking English. I also refreshed some important grammar and deepened points in English tense forms. During the two weeks I really enjoyed my intensive English course in Brighton (with Sam and Helen – great!) and also the optional classes (conversation & pronunciation). However, I noticed in conversations with other students that there are big differences between the level of the classes (regarding structure, contest, amount of homework).

At leisure time I tried to participate in some social activities (e.g. pub night) but there were often so many students that it was easier to meet with smaller groups & friends. My new friends come from different countries (Korea, Russia, Turkey,…) Some of them are also from my home country. 🙂 I had a nice host family and I enjoyed staying there. I would definitely recommend EC.

Carolin from Germany