Student Testimonial, Florin Keller

Florin is from Switzerland and he studied an English Language course in Brighton for eight weeks. Here’s what he has to say about his experience at EC Brighton:

First of all I would like to thank my Host family. They have been fantastic to me, I always had delicious dishes, a lovely clean room and I learnt a lot of the English culture from them. Everyone who can stay with this Host family should be very happy!

I also had a great time at EC and I would totally recommend their modern facilities and dynamic and motivated team. I learnt how to make sushi, I played laser tag and I had very interesting lessons. We talked in English a lot about interesting topics, but also had some grammar lessons.

Last but not least I want to thank my lovely teachers, they were friendly, helpful and they challenged me a lot.
Best wishes to the EC team!



Florin Keller