Student Testimonials – Gabriela, Anna and Stefano

Gabriela Parrada, 22, a French-Colombian student, progressed to Advanced level English during her 25 weeks studying with us. She had a wonderful time and stayed with one of our lovely host families. This is what she wanted to share with us:

“It was the best experience in my life. I met beautiful people and it will be impossible to forget all of this experience. Thanks EC, thanks Brighton.”

Gabriela with her certificate for studying English at EC Brighton


Anna Peck, 20, from Austria, studied Intensive English for a week and was very happy with her experience. Here’s what she had to say:

“I chose to take English classes in Brighton because I heard only good things about it. The whole team at EC are really friendly and well organised! I also like the opportunity to join trips and other activities. The speaking and discussion exercises in class helped me a lot to improve my language skills. I would recommend everyone to go to EC school!”

Stefano Rotundi, 17, from Italy, studied General English at EC Brighton for four weeks, staying with one of our wonderful host families. This is what he said on departure:

“I chose to study in Brighton because it is by the sea. I improved my English a lot while I was here. I liked the way teachers taught us and my favourite EC activity was the speaking games. I made friends from places like Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and Spain, and they will be my best memory of EC!”