Student Testimonials – Simone, Susanne and Emma

Simone Vulcano, 20, from Italy, studied at EC Brighton for four weeks. He took his IELTS during his time here. This is what he said on departure:

“Great experience, really! Thank you all!”

Simone with his certificate for learning English at EC Brighton



Susanne Nitschke, from Germany, was with us for just a week on our English for Work programme. She stayed with one of our lovely host families and wanted to share her EC experience with everyone:

“Hello dears! It was nice to stay here in Brighton. A week was a bit short but because of working at home and having two little children it’s not possible to stay longer! I chose EC because it seemed to have a good balance of prices. To stay with a host family is a good idea if you want to have the chance to communicate regularly with English people. Brighton is a very lovely city. I enjoyed my stay here and would recommend EC Brighton to my friends.”


Emma Lapauw, 16, from France, was also here for just a week, studying General English at Upper Intermediate level. She stayed with one of our wonderful host families and had this to say about her time learning English in England:

“I only stayed here a week, but the lessons were very good. This really is an experience I would like to have again, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to learn English in England. It was a lovely stay, the host family were so nice and I’ve met some people from Italy Switzerland and Turkey. Thank you!”