Student Testimonials – Zlata, Miroslava and Laura

Zlata Draska and Miroslava Jurcenkova both came from the Czech Republic and studied for two weeks at Pre-Intermediate and Beginner level respectively. They both stayed with some of our wonderful host families and both wanted to share their EC experience:


“Brighton is a very beautiful city. The teachers here were very lovely, I learnt a lot! I would be glad to learn English in England again.”


“I chose EC Brighton because I was interested in this city. At school I liked my teachers, Paulina and Simon, very much. They are very good teachers. I plan to come back for a longer period of time to improve my English more :)” 


Zlata & Miroslava with their certificates for learning English at EC Brighton


Laura Morante de Castro came to us from Spain and studied General English at Pre-Intermediate level for three weeks. She improved her spoken English and met new friends from all over the world. Here’s what she wanted to share about her time at EC Brighton:

“I chose EC Brighton because it has a beach! My favourite EC activity was pub night and I made friends from places like Switzerland, Colombia, Italy and also Spain. 

At school I think I learnt to speak English better and my favourite lesson activity was talking class. My host family was great also!”