Student Testimonials – Silvia, Davide and Edoardo

Edoardo Vanni, Davide Calcagno and Silvia Graziado all came to learn English in Brighton from Italy. Davide was here for eight weeks, Silvia 12, and Edoardo 10 weeks.

Edoardo stayed in our lovely seafront student accommodation and progressed from Intermediate all the way to Advanced level English while he was here. Congratulations!

“Thank you for all the emotions!”


Davide also stayed in our seafront residence, and also progressed to Advanced level while he was here:

“Thank you EC for this great experience!”


Silvia, lived with one of our lovely host families and also made great progress, moving up from pre-intermediate to upper intermediate level:

“The most cosmopolitan experience of my life! Great time!”

Edoardo, Davide and Silvia with their certificates for learning English at EC Brighton