Students talk about studying English at EC Brighton

Clara, Carlos, Fabio & Elisa with their certificates for learning English at EC Brighton

Clara Prouff, from France, studied Intensive English at Pre-Intermediate level for four weeks. She had a wonderful time and stayed with one of our lovely host families. Here’s what she wanted to share about her EC experience: “EC School was a very enriching experience. I thank the team at EC which accompanied us very well during our journey. Indeed, I keep one very good memory of this journey. I leave for my country with good memories and having acquired new knowledge of English. The strength of this school is the sharing and the exchange with other students from all around the world.”

Carlos Vazquez Rodriguez, from Spain, also studied here for four weeks on an Intensive English course, and progressed to Advanced level. He stayed with one of our host families and had this to say: “I only stayed here for four weeks, and my speaking and understanding improved. It was so interesting to meet people of other countries and their habits. Finally, my host family were always there to help improve my English and other things whenever they could.”

Fabio Siffert. from Switzerland, also stayed with us for four weeks on an Intensive course. “I learnt a lot of new words and I could use what I learnt in school directly with my new friends. The accommodation was great. It was near the school and had good equipment and I had cool housemates! My new friends came from all over the world. I would definitely recommend EC. This stay was an unforgettable life experience!”

Elisa Ghidossi, also from Switzerland, studied here for three weeks, also on Intensive English, and progressed to Upper Intermediate level while she was here. She stayed in one of our student residences and had this to say on departure: “The lessons were really good! From my stay I will remember my new friends and the great experience!”