Alan, Chiara and Ines talk about English Classes in Brighton

Alan Cavalli, from Switzerland, studied in Brighton for 20 weeks in preparation for his IELTS exam. When he arrived, he was at Elementary level, but left at Intermediate level, a great achievement! He stayed with one of our wonderful host families and had a fantastic time:

“Thank you for the best time in Brighton! The best experience of my life!”

Alan with his certificate for learning English at EC Brighton

Chiara Maudiere, from France, studied with us for two weeks on a General English course at Upper Intermediate level. She stayed with one of our lovely host families and would love to return to England to learn more:

“I chose to visit Brighton but I also wanted to improve my English. It was a very good experience for me and I would like to do it again. I would love to go to London next summer and feel more comfortable with my English.”

Ines Asloune, also from France, was here for three weeks and studied on a General English course. She made lots of friends and had this to share:

“I made loads of new friends from places like Spain, Italy and France and would recommend EC to my friends!”