Ilona, Marlene and Constance – learning English at EC Brighton

Ilona Burachevskaya, from Belarus, studied General English with us for two weeks. She stayed with one of our lovely host families and had an amazing time. Here’s what she wanted to say:

“It was an amazing time at school with lovely and friendly teachers. I met a lot of people from all over the world. I’ll return! :)”

Ilona with her certificate for studying English at EC Brighton


Marlene Boutreux, from France, studied at EC Brighton for five weeks, progressing up to Upper Intermediate level while she was here, congratulations! She stayed in one of our student residences and had this to say:

“I chose to learn English at Brighton because it is close to my country! I learnt many things while I was here and moved onto Upper Intermediate level. I made many new friends from everywhere in the world, and I would recommend EC of course!”

Constance de Vencay, also from France, studied in Brighton for three weeks on an English for Work course. She found the teachers particularly entertaining! Here’s what she wanted to say:

“It was a really good experience with many students around the world. I like this city Brighton but the weather wasn’t very good! The teachers are very kind and making learning very fun! Especially Jo, Patricia and Andrew!”