Student Testimonials – Moritz, Pauline and Lucia

Moritz Zwerenz, from Switzerland, studied General English course at EC for three weeks and stayed with one of our lovely host families. Moritz found the school to be a perfect learning environment:

“This destination is fantastic because the Brighton Pier is so close and because the city is close to London. I think I learnt a lot of important vocabulary while I was here. The school was, for me, perfect. The teachers were very funny and the classrooms were very modern.”

Moritz with his certificate for learning English at EC Brighton English School


Pauline Nicloux, from France, studied Intensive English at EC for three weeks, progressing to Advanced level, a great achievement! She stayed with one of our host families and loved Brighton because it felt

“I chose to study English in Brighton because I wanted to learn and study a new language but also be somewhere near the sea so it would feel like a holiday! I really enjoyed this experience because I met a lot of new people from other countries. I didn’t stay here for long enough time!”

Lucia Marset, from Switzerland, studied on an Intensive English programme for three weeks, made great progress and had loads of fun while she was here:

“Thank you to all at EC! It was so fun to learn here! I really liked it! :D”