Turkish, Polish and French student testimonials

Melek Buyukguner, from Turkey, studied at EC Brighton for 12 weeks on a General English course and did well to progress to Intermediate level during her time here. She stayed with one of our host families and had a wonderful time:

“It was a great experience for me! Thank you for everything!”

Melek with her certificate for learning English at EC Brighton

Jakub Zbrzezny, from Poland, studied here for two weeks on a General English course at Upper Intermediate level. He was continuing his studies from last year where he also visited Brighton. He stayed with the same lovely host family as last year too, and had a great time once again:

“I chose this destination because I wanted to improve my English skills. I wanted to go to Brighton because I was there last year so it was familiar. I think I improved my English while I was here. I liked the language games very much. In my accommodation I felt well. My new friends come from many different countries. The teachers were funny and really entertaining. I will remember all my teachers on this course.”

Liv Bulteau, from France, studied with us for two weeks and was also on a General English course at Upper Intermediate level. She stayed in our picturesque seafront residences and loved her time here:

“It was a very good experience. The teachers here were very good!”