Student Testimonials – Yagmur, Egecan & Laura

Students learn English in the UK with EC Brighton

Yagmur Aykar

“I’ll recommend EC to all my friends. While we were here, we were so happy!”

Egecan Duygulu

“I really wanted to learn English in the UK, so I chose this destination and it was very beneficial for me!”

Laura Galbersanini

“I chose EC Brighton because I saw on the internet that it is a beautiful city on the coast and there are lots of attractions. This school gave the opportunity to improve my speaking and grammar and my favourite EC activity was playing in the classrom to learn prepositions with my teacher Craig. Regarding my accommodation, my host famiyl was really nice. They always talekd to me and let me practice my English. Of course I would reccommend EC to a friend. I met peopel from Spain, France, Chile, Germany, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Czech Republic.”