Loic from France shares his experience as an intern at EC Brighton


“In France I’m on master 2 in cost control, during this formation I had to do an internship for 3 months. I choose EC Brighton because one of my friends was doing this internship here and he enjoyed a lot. This internship was during the summer, the busiest time of the year for the school, and I was working at the reception.

At the beginning it was, of course, a little difficult for me to work, speak and live with one foreign language. From the beginning everybody was really helpful with me and gave me immediately lot of things to do. It was the first time for me that I lived far of my family and my country. After a little time, you started to feel more confident and you dare more and more to speak, to know people, to go out with them. From this moment your internship starts to be amazing!

At EC, I was working at the reception with Eli and Ali, they gave me lot of various and interesting things to do, and were always very kind with me. I really liked my time with them and the atmosphere during all the time. At the beginning we were 5 to support all the work and at the end I was the only intern. During this internship, sometime I was working with the accommodation office and also the academic office. I’ve got many tasks like: prepare the welcome pack, care about the activities, do the welcome drink, book the trips…

The time in Brighton goes so quickly, to be honest I didn’t saw my time here and I already miss it! Brighton is an amazing city, not to big not to small, you’ve got always something to do and it’s never boring. The atmosphere is really special and you feel like at home.

I would like to thanks all the EC staff because they allowing me the possibility to live this experience and I’m really happy to having been a part of EC worker

After 3 months here, you feel different, more adult. When you came at home you realize how your time here was amazing, you want only one thing… Come back as soon as possible to work with this amazing team in Brighton.

I really enjoyed my time and wishes come back to work if it’s possible after my degrees.

Thanks Simone, Eli, Ali, Isabel, Kareen, Victor, Michael, Aurélie, Sam, Sarah, Jacques and all the teachers and interns. I’ll never forget you!” – Loïc

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