Students share their experiences at EC Brighton English School

Sara Balbi (Italy)

The experience has been one of the most memorable in my life! I met a lot of people from different countries and i have discovered a lot of different cultures in Brighton. everyone has given me something i will keep in my heart forever. moreover i have improved my English a lot. Thank you for everything.

Lisa roethlisbeiger

boa lingua recommended me this destination and I,am really glad because I preferred a destination near the sea. I think I really improved a lot in speaking, Felix,robin and Jonathan were very good teachers who made the lessons really interesting and fun.I am very happy I had such a wonderful host family and met so many friendly and amazing people. i would really highly recommend EC Brighton to my friends.

Laura Fachini (Brazil)

I choose EC. brighten because a friend recommended it, she said the school and the city was very beautiful and there weren’t many Brazilians. I learned a lot in grammar I would of liked to of stayed longer so I could of learned even more,i really liked the teaching method and the variety of different activities. I think my host family were really cool and i met so mnay friends here from all over the world, I will remember all that I did and all that I visited.