Martina Risoalido – What do you like about EC Brighton?




At EC Brighton, we love our students. Our staff work hard to see that they have the most rewarding experience possible. We are always communicating with our students, seeing that their needs are met and that they can get the best EC has to offer them. Not only to support them with any difficulties they may face in travelling, learning, or growing accustom to the culture and city, but to ensure that EC Brighton is always improving and doing more for the students. With so much on offer when studying EC Brighton Language Courses, what exactly do people appreciate about our school?





This week we asked Martina Risoalido from Barcelona; ‘what do you like about EC Brighton?’, here is her response;




“I really liked everything during my time here. The teachers are very professional and helpful.



The methods they use to teach is very good as well.


Martina Risoalido EC Brighton
Martina Risoalido

Focussing on speaking and sharing your experiences with everyone is the best way to improve your English. The staff are amazing, they always take care of you and help you with a big smile.



Actually, everything is perfect: facilities, activities, location, staff, teachers, etc.”




Students are always encouraged to share their thoughts in English and we host many activities to support this. Our teachers and staff are always encouraging the learning of English, so that the whole EC experience is an opportunity for you to learn and develop your skills. There are so many activities to go along with your course, with new things to do being programmed each month. Learning English isn’t just about the classroom, so we facilitate many activities that help our students interact with each other and the Brighton community. Here at Manchester Street we have a great building to operate in, with a well furnished student lounge, great classrooms on 3 floors all equipped with necessary teaching equipment.