EC Brighton Welcomes New Students with a Brunch

Every week here at EC Brighton, we are visited by people from around the world. Some come briefly, some stay a while, but we welcome them all. This week welcome new students with a brunch on the seafront. Chips are a staple at any English seaside and we took our new students to experience some of the finest in Brighton.


New Students 1 EC Brighton
New Students 1

At EC Brighton we like to give our students a warm and wholesome welcome. To do so we introduce new students to Brighton via a walking tour. The tour shows them around the key central locations of Brighton, including the pier, the Old Steine, North Street, the Clock Tower and Churchill Square, the Lanes and useful amenities for students. We show them where they can get their student cards and travel tickets, as well as advise them on the fun places to spend leisure time.

New Students 2 EC Brighton
New Students 2


You too can join the fun and study EC Brighton English Courses