Weekly Yoga Classes at EC Brighton

At EC Brighton language school we hold two free Yoga sessions a month. We are so lucky to have Tsetsy, an amazing, professional and friendly instructor! Here’s Testy giving us some valuable information about yoga and breathing:

In our everyday life we breathe automatically and we take the breath for granted.  In a typical Hatha Yoga class, I instruct my students to breathe consciously, to connect with the breath, to breathe deeply and to retain the breath.

“A yogi measures the span of life by the numbers of breaths, not by numbers of years” – Swami Shivananda.

Yoga EC Brighton

It is said that if you breathe 15 times per minute, you will live 80 years. If you breathe 10 times per minute you will live 100 years. If you breathe fast, your life will be shortened, this is why dogs have short lives.

Breathing consciously is the essence of Yoga, through the breath we are able to navigate different levels of consciousness.
Connecting with the breath is a method for being present. When you concentrate on each aspect of the breathing process, you are present and you let go of past and future because you are focused on the moment inside the breath. This is why breathing consciously its own meditation.

When we breathe consciously we activate the cerebral cortex that has relaxing and balancing effect on the emotions. Breath controls body, mind and emotions.


So, check out your activity calendar and sing up for the next yoga session!


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