Free Lyrics Training Workshop Today at EC Brighton

Today we are hosting a free lyrics training workshop for our Students following our EC English Courses in Brighton. We love to provide fun, free, extra-curricula activities for our students, so they can advance their English learning and enjoy the process.

LyricsTraining is a perfect way to learn and improve your skills with other languages. LyricsTraining helps you to learn new vocabulary and expressions, and reinforce grammar concepts through continuous exercise of writing the missing words. But above all, LyricsTraining helps you train your ear to dramatically improve your capacity to recognize sounds and words of a foreign language in a very short time, training your brain almost unconsciously, whether you know the meaning of all the words or not.

Recent studies have shown that simple exposure to the sounds of another language sets up in our brain the structures and connections necessary for learning it.
In addition to that, music is a fun way to learn and listening to different accents and pronunciations allows greater flexibility to test to your ability to recognize the different sound patterns of another language. This is very different from the typical listening exercises in language classes, where the pronunciation is too perfect, which is not entirely practical in a real environment.

LyricsTraining is also a fun way to learn the lyrics of your favorite songs.