Music Venues in Brighton, Where and Where Not to Enjoy Music

Everyone can enjoy and benefit from a night out. It’s an opportunity to strike up conversation with new people, forget about the daily grind (chores) and present and be proud of your individuality. Congregating in a venue to be sociable is a pass time with a long history in many cultures and more often than not, it involves music. In the 70’s this tradition became about liberation and freedom. With an economic surge and progressive thinking towards nationalities and races, sexualities, genders and political views, the night out became a more diverse and widely accessible experience. While this was happening music was being developed in tangent to popular mood. Due to the mixing technology of turntables and amplifiers, music could be played louder at better quality and more continuously and creatively.  

Music Venue 70's Disco
70’s Roller Disco

  So nearly 50 years on since the introduction of discos and night clubs, people are still enjoying the night out. Like anything that gains mass popularity, the night out has been hugely capitalised on. Unfortunately not every venue is interested in your enjoyment. Be wary of places that play the same generic music every weekend, places that push alcoholic drink deals on you and places that have high numbers of security guards and police patrols. These places don’t care about your enjoyment, your safety or your culture or personality, they just want you to spend money. That money won’t go back into anything that serves people in Brighton, unlike;  

Latest Music Bar

  Latest music bar are a hirable venue, but they also host incredible music, spoken word and performances from huge names to local artists. It really depends on what you’re looking for in a night out. If your really looking to hear some good music and everything else is secondary, as well as Latest Music Bar you will enjoy;  

The Verdict

  Voted one of the best Jazz clubs in England, The Verdict also puts on nights of electronic music and a variety of live music events. Enjoy their cosy downstairs lounge, or if you prefer somewhere you can move and dance, try  

The Green Door Store

  For an eclectic range of local, amateur and professional music from week to week. This is a rustic venue situated under a train bridge arch. The Green Door Store supports many local artists and has late night DJs for the all night-er types. Some music isn’t about moving your body and losing control. Sometimes being still, focusing intently on the sound and taking time to consider what one is hearing is the experience we need. The recently refurbished and now highly in demand  

Attenborough Centre

  is part of the University of Sussex and is one of the best designed venues in Brighton. The auditorium is a circular room with very high quality sound treatment, to give you a very refined listening experience. Not to mention beautiful views of the neighboring Stanmer Park from the well stocked café and bar.  

Music Venue Attenborough Centre Brighton
Attenborough Centre Brighton

    So if you’re needing a break from your Brighton School of English and want to have a night out, take a minute. Consider what you’re going out for and which music venue is really caterig that. Be wary of the generic and obvious venues, that just want you to empty your wallet.