Safe and Sound, EC Brighton is a Place to Feel Calm – Students Report

As we all know, danger is ineradicable. But the UK is a relatively safe place and in a recent survey, Brighton was found to be the 3rd safest city.

We wanted to discuss this with our students, to see how the data reflects in individual experience. In conversation with Arthur Danneel, one of our French students, some key points were articulated;


“I feel safe when I go out in the evenings. The night life in Brighton is nice, there are lots of great pubs and night clubs. It’s also cheaper than London.

I feel like my teacher really connects with us (the students). This is important because it means I can get help with anything I need. All the (administration) staff are friendly, so anytime I need something there is help available.

There is a great place to lunch in the school and good resources in the building, such as computers. I feel like EC Brighton is a safe place to study”


Safe Brighton
Safe Brighton


Certainly as far as crime goes, Brighton is a very safe place in England.