Tobacco – That Famous Leaf of Many Cultures

The word Tobacco (also cigarettes) has an interesting etymology. The word has bee in use for roughly one thousand years, a whole millennium. It all started with native American tribes, who grew tobacco for personal use. Eastern North American tribes, would also carry this leaf, dried, in pouches. To be used for trading or social and ceremonial smoking. Of course, this was very dissimilar from tobacco and smoking today.

Tobacco EC Brighton
Tobacco Flower

Tobacco then and now.

Tobacco is now a cured leaf product. The English word “tobacco” comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word “tabaco”. This was used from 1410 to define medicinal herbs, that were believed to have originated from the Arabic word طُبّاق ṭubbāq (also طُباق ṭubāq). This reportedly dated back to the 9th century, as a name for various herbs. Alleged benefits of tobacco are accountable for it’s daunting success as a consumer product. The astronomer Thomas Harriot, told that tobacco “openeth all the pores and passages of the body” so that the natives’ “bodies are notably preserved in health, and know not many grievous diseases, wherewithall we in England are often times afflicted.” In some cultures, tobacco is still seen as a gift from God. Used ceremonially, tobacco smoke is thought to carry one’s thoughts and prayers to God. Late 19th century saw cigarettes become popular worldwide. James Bonsack created the machine which automated the production of cigarettes.

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Tobacco Fields

You don’t have to study at an english language centre brighton to know that smoking cigarettes is common across the globe. Despite growingly obvious, tremendously savage health defects caused by smoking, the leaf is a socially accepted behavior worldwide. Perhaps never has drug addiction been so widely flaunted. Non smokers were once looked on with confusion. Not just people who refuse societies norms but people who chose not to be healthy and sociable. Now we know the true impact of smoking, views are shifting. We are beginning to see smokers, as the confused,  unfortunate and pitiful drug addicts they truly are.