A ROLLER-COASTER Week of Seesawing Temperatures at EC Brighton

The week is forecast to be up and down very much in the sense of changing between, in the grand scheme, a mild warmth and mild chill. This could mean temperatures change, skies change from gloomy to sunshine and rain comes and goes. Nothing out of the ordinary really.

The weather in the next few days will be cloudy but hot. A condition which is commonly referred to as gloomy. Gloomy is not a desirable weather pattern for humans but for forests and shrubbery and foliage quite beneficial. This is because the humidity and warmth acts like a green house which keeps plants moist and warm, perfect conditions for growth. As is increasingly expected in the 21st century, heatwaves are forecast to come. The hot weather is said to last till Autumn, which makes you wonder if the weather forecasters actually understand that this happens every year. And whether what they mean by ‘heat wave’ is actually just summer, but one that is hotter than previously. After all, the planet is hotting up due to the fossil fuels we readily burn to mobilise people across the planet. A self sacrificial luxury nearly all of our students will be all too familiar with enjoying.




It is a fact now that following the trajectory of how humans currently behave, in 10 years we will have caused irreversible catastrophic damage to the planet. This will mean the death of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people who are not equipped to survive in hot conditions. Particularly the elderly, sick, infants and the poor. It will lead to a complete collapse in infrastructure as people are unable to work, meaning food will become scarce and public transport will be widely shut down.

This is the future we create by shuttling people around the world week in week out, feeding them plastic wrapped croissants made from ingredients sourced from 8 different countries.



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