Weekly Yoga Classes at EC Brighton

At EC Brighton language school we hold two free Yoga sessions a month. We are so lucky to have Tsetsy, an amazing, professional and friendly instructor! Yoga is about the unification of mind body and spirit. At the centre of this is breath. Using breath consciously, connects our mind, body and spirit. Therefore yoga is good for us in every way. It is therapeutic to our body, to our psyche and to our appreciation of life. Yoga used to be the reserve of traditional Eastern people and weird or snooty hippy types. But now, you’d have to be crazy not to do yoga. Yoga makes your mind and body not just strong, but balanced, firm, awake and energized. It enables you to rest deeply and exert maximally.



Yoga EC Brighton


At the centre of yoga is breathing. If your not thinking about breathing while doing yoga, your not really doing yoga. Slow, conscious controlled breaths feed the body precious energy that allows you to move through the poses with most benefit. In yoga, you move from pose to pose and the movements created, are very much aligned with the natural contours and mechanisms of the joints in your body. This means that rather than just forcing your muscles to make mechanical movements that have no relevance to how your body works, the body is improving in its most basic functions. Breathing, for example. Yoga doesn’t just encourage deep breathing, but encourages the development of muscles, bones and fascia that are involved in breathing. Making every moment of life richer and easier. What could be better than that?

Yoga is really good stuff. It’s ancient knowledge which helps improve being. Like the bible but practical. There are so many benefits the list is really endless. Start doing yoga and experience life getting better in just about every way. Just don’t be snooty about it otherwise you’ll put off those that really need it.

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