The Luna Beach Cinema, 2 Minutes Walk from EC Brighton

Every summer in Brighton, the magnificent view of the coast is decorated with a rectangular grid of light bulbs. These countless light bulbs glimmer and flicker in a coordinated dance that represent an image we know to be familiar and entertaining. This is the Luna Beach Cinema. It is a huge screen, placed on Brighton beach for the summer season. You can view all kinds of films and sports events there. It is very close to EC Brighton, just a couple of minutes walk east. What could be more enjoyable than being at the beach and soaking in its primal forces of natural harmony? Being at the beach and soaking in its primal forces of natural harmony with a bit of telly, that’s what.


Brighton Big Screen EC Brighton
Brighton Big Screen


The Luna Beach Cinema is a new venture but is run by the country’s leading producer of open air cinema events. This means its going to spread and we won’t have to wait too long, before every bit of coast along the country is adorned with these beautiful flashing light displays. They begun with showing great films to the masses in beautiful locations such as Brighton beach. But Luna Beach Cinema isn’t stopping there, oh no. They’re now including many sports events into their screenings as well, fantastic. The screen itself is an LED HD design and is accompanied with bespoke sound equipment. This brings all the magic of the cinema to the naturally wonderful atmosphere of the beach. Joy upon joy.

Just try to avoid this huge and contrasting display of tech that sits upon one of the few overwhelmingly natural environments available to city dwelling folk. You’ll be hard pushed to get away from its enticing and seductive glow, so get on down to the beach and strap in for a few hours of screen time. You deserve it, after all the hard work you’ve been doing to study English. Certainly absolutely for sure definitely 100% of course completely guaranteed.


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