EC Brighton Goes to Thorpe Park to Enjoy Rides There!

Thorpe Park, a place where dreams come true. Roller coaster dreams, which entirely involve going on or being around roller coasters. Thorpe Park has attractions which are completely unique to the world, making it a must visit for any roller coaster fan. It has been around for a long time as a fairground/ entertainment park, but during the 1930’s, the site was reduced to rubble. It’s a big area, so it’s hard to imagine the whole place flat and swampy. It was completely flooded after it was flattened. A wet, wet, wet, place with water all over the floor which made peoples feet wet. It reopened as a theme park in 1970, what a great decade for leisure and good times.

High Roller Coaster EC Brighton
High Roller Coaster

The flooding of the area is why the Thorpe Park slogan reads; ‘an island like no other’.  There is an island theme going on in the whole park, they might as well have called it Thorpe island, but they didn’t. This means that the owners and/or managers / people in charge clearly missed a trick. Across the whole park is this island theme and everything in some way has some kind of homage big or small to the idea of an island. There are 6 themed areas each with their own theme and they each have various rides and attractions of their own. This includes ‘The Swarm’, the UK’s first winged roller coaster. The only roller coaster in the world to be based on a movie (SAW). And Stealth, the highest launched roller coaster in the UK, that has the fastest acceleration of any roller coaster in Europe.

We love providing our students with fun opportunities while they stay with us. Yesterday was a trip to Thorpe Park, organised by EC. Our students got to try out the rides and enjoy the various attractions.


Roller Coaster EC Brighton
Roller Coaster



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