Brighton and the Annual Big Cheese Festival

Oh wow the big cheese festival is back and it’s going to be super cheesier than ever before if you can believe that. It takes place on Hove lawns which is a lovely spot on the seaside down in Hove. There will be lots of cheese of course, in all it’s wonderful manifestations, as well as drinks and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. If you are not a cheese fan then there is a small possibility that you will not be overwhelmed with joy by this event. It is mainly for people who love cheese. Just as a warning do not go if you hate cheese or are lactose intolerant or vegan or something which restricts you from enjoying cheese, unless you are going to enjoy the enjoyment of the company you are with who do enjoy cheese.


Big Cheese EC Brighton English School
Big Cheese


This event of cheese on Hove Lawns will include a plethora of the greatest cheeses from all over the world, from some of the greatest cheese makers that exist. You can have a walk around the food court and enjoy the samples that are available because there will be a selection of delicacies available to taste. There will be examples for the most experienced of cheese lovers, including some of the UK’s best artisan cheeses as well as accompanying wines and ports to pair them with. There will also be other things that go well with cheese such as chutneys which is like savory jam and utensils specifically for dealing with cheese. So many good times and good experiences and good purchases to be made and had all at one event solely about cheese. Isn’t this a blessed time to be a cheese lover, let the scent of churned milk waft over us.


Cheese Festival EC Brighton English School
Cheese Festival


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