EC Brighton Photo Competition

 We are so lucky to have such talented students! Here are just a few pictures that where competing in the Photo Competition a few weeks ago. We’ll try to have more competitions through out the year since it was very appreciated by the students. Enjoy!








Photos are all about capturing the moment. A creative expression that takes a singular event and tells a story. Light, composition, colour, all that fun stuff goes into a good photo. There can only be one winner of the EC Brighton photo competition. That winner will be the one who is judged best by a panel of unqualified judges. Who are judging on no particular criteria. So you know this competition means business. The winner gets a grand prize which is what we all want. The grand prize is a real nice thing to have when you win it and sure is a sore thing to miss out on if you don’t win it.

Other than winning the photo competition it’s great to go out and take photos. Especially if their not photos of you validating yourself online as having been somewhere, or done something. Because we all know that the only people who care about those photos, are the ones who are so desperate for validation they are seeking the same support for their own photos of the same ilk. And like a giant cloud of self validation, it forms to rain down upon the world a shower of repetitive and frankly numbing photos.

So thanks to EC Brighton photo competition, some delicious and interesting artworks have been created. All of which contribute to a marvelous collection of artworks for us to be truly proud of. Thanks to all you for competing and to everyone at EC for putting it on.

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